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Ref :  R221C


Mounting : 18k Yellow Gold and 18k Pink Gold 


Diamonds, Wood.

Starting at 2 690€* 

Ref :  R036

Mounting : 18k  Gold 

Gemstones :

1 - Peridots, Tsavorites, wood.
2 - Pink Tourmalines, Pink Sapphirs, Wood.
3 - Blue Topaz, Sapphirs, Wood.

Starting at 2 790€* 


* Prices shown are indicative and may vary.

Bois collection

In memory of my holiday in the Jura Mountains, with René my grandfather, 

I have designed this collection.

During our walks in the woods he made me physically and mentally embrace the trees to protect me from harm.

As an inexhaustible little girl,

I was endlessly looking for the elusive four-leaf clovers, a lucky charm according to French ancestral beliefs…