EDEN collection

In the Garden of Eden,

poisonous snakes coil around trees, mingling with creepers and forbidden fruits.


At the heart of temptation, in this lost paradise,  no doubt it is to better own a talisman...



Ref :  R1603


Mounting : 18k White Gold and 18k Pink Gold 

Gemstones :
1 - Citrines, Rhodolites, orange Sapphirs, Peridots, Tsavorites.

2 - Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Amethysts, Peridots, Tsavorites.

Starting at 2 760€* 

Ref :  R1753


Mounting : 18k Pink Gold 

Gemstones :
1 - Green Quartz, Rhodolites, Diopside, Peridots, Amethysts, pink Tourmalines, orange Sapphirs.

2 - Citrines, Amethysts, Rhodolites, orange Sapphirs, Sapphirs, yellow Sapphirs, pink Tourmalines, Diopsides, Peridots.

Starting at 3 060€* 

Ref :  R1481


Mounting : 18k White Gold 

Gemstones :

- Amethyst, pink Sapphirs, Tsavorites, Diamonds.
- Blue Topaz, Sapphirs, Tsavorites, Diamonds.

Starting at 5 500€* 

Necklace &  pendants