Ref :  N283


Frame : 18k Yellow Gold, 18k Pink Gold and 18k White Gold 

Gemstones :
1 - Amethyst, pink Sapphirs, Diamonds.

2 - Citrine, yellow Sapphirs, Diamonds.

3 - Amethyst, Diamonds.

Starting at 3 700€* 


Ref :  E1100


Frame : 18k Pink Gold 

Gemstones :

Rhodolite, pink Sapphirs, Diamonds.

Starting at 3 660€* 

* Prices shown are indicative and may vary.

Flora lotus Collection

In Asia the most revered flower is the Lotus.

The symbol of wisdom, it embodies perfection.

Every detail of the Lotus – its round leaf, its bud, its bloomed corolla – is full of grace, inviting contemplation.


Ref :  R120


Frame : 18k Yellow Gold and 18k Pink Gold 

Gemstones :
1 - Amethyst, pink Morganite, Tsavorites, pink Sapphirs, Diamonds.

2 - Peridot, pink Sapphirs, pink Morganite, Diamonds.

Starting at 3 330€*