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Galaxie Collection

When I was a little girl, my grandfather gifted me with some epidote: a multi-coloured stone which is opaque.

With the passage of time, already a young girl, I actualized this idea of creating a new gemstone

Consisting a multitude of translucent coloured stones, allowing light to penetrate and scatter into a prismatic array of colour, mimicking a meteorite descending  from another galaxy...


Ref :  R1474


Mounting : 18k White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold 

Gemstones :
1 - London Blue Topaz, Iolites, Chalcedony, Diamonds.

2 - Tsavorites, Rose de France, Iolites, Sapphirs, Diamonds.

3 - Garnets, Citrines, orange Sapphirs, Diamonds.

Starting at 7 090€*