Ref :  R1572


Frame : 18k Yellow Gold

Gemstones :

Rhodolite, pink Tourmaline, Amethysts, Rose de France.

Starting at 5 000€* 


Ref :  P797


Frame : 18k Yellow Gold

Gemstones :
1 - Citrines, Rhodolites, pink Tourmaline, orange Sapphirs.

2 - Turquoises, green Quartz, London Blue Topaz.

Starting at 3 170€* 


Ref :  E1089


Frame : 18k Yellow Gold

Gemstones :
1 - Rubellites, Amethysts, Citrines, pink Sapphirs.

2 - Amethysts, Rhodolites, pink Tourmaline, pink Sapphirs.

3 - Citrines, Rhodolites, pink Sapphirs, orange Sapphirs.

Starting at 1 800€* 

* Prices shown are indicative and may vary.

Petale collection

Any plant, even the most humble, reveals itself to anyone who knows how to look at it. A simple flower petal naturally has such a sophisticated shape.

These flowers you barely notice add a little poetry to the urban jungle. Geranium petals, worked like geometric shapes, resulting in a surreal flower; made of unexpected colors, with happiness and fantasy.