Ref :  N369


Frame : 18k Yellow Gold

Gemstones :

1 - Green Tourmaline, Rhodolites, Tsavorites, pink Sapphirs.

2 - Rhodolites, Amethysts, pink Tourmaline, pink Sapphirs, Diamonds.

3 - Pink Tourmalines, Rhodolites, pink Sapphirs, Diamonds.

Starting at 1 700€* 

* Prices shown are indicative and may vary.


God created flowers, but Man cut them to form bouquets of all colours, all various species and from all native regions of the Earth.

A wonderful gift yet so fragile.

The Emotions of a floral bouquet, captured forever...


Ref :  R1520


Frame : 18k Pink Gold 

Gemstones :
1 - Peridots, Amethysts, Rhodolites, green Tourmaline, pink Sapphirs.

2 - Citrines, Rhodolites, pink Tourmaline, pink Sapphirs.

Starting at 4 200€* 

Ref :  R402


Frame : 18k Pink Gold and 18k White Gold

Gemstones :
1 - Pink Sapphirs, colourless Sapphirs, Diamonds.

2 - Yellow Sapphirs, colourless Sapphirs, Moonstone.

Starting at 2 430€*