The Ardèche collection is inspired by a sunset between the mountains, sublimating them with multicolored light.


This collection is light and soft like the colors of the sunset with a note of vitality through the brilliance of the stones

Ref :  R1778


Mounting : 18k Pink Gold

Gemstones :
1 - Amethysts, pink Tourmalines, Peridots, Tsavorites.

2 - Rainbow of gemstones.

Starting at 2 100€* 

Ref :  R1744


Frame : 18k Pink Gold and 18k White Gold

Gemstones :

1 - Peridots, Quartz, Diopsides, Amethysts, London Blue Topaz, Iolites.

2 - Iolites, London Blue Topaz, blue Topaz, Moonstone.

3 - London Blue Topaz, blue Topaz, Iolites, Amethysts, Rhodolites, Pink Tourmaline.

Starting at 3 160€* 

Ref :  R1747