The expertise and craftmenship of the Jura mountains for Heritage

Isabelle’s family comes from the Jura Mountains, a part of France renowned for gemstone cutting 

since the 18th Century.

Originally geared towards the Swiss watch making industry, coloured gemstone cutting underwent significant growth in Jura by the 19thCentury.

Heirs of this prestigious tradition, Isabelle’s forebears founded a lapidary workshop, in the aftermath 

of Word War I. Here was the beginning of a successful family venture, striving beyond the Jura Mountains.

Réné, Isabelle's grandfather

As an accomplished lapidary himself and an ambitious visionary, René left his native Jura in 1929 to

establish in Paris a gemstone trading company. Within twenty years it became very successful.

In the 1950’s, René stood proudly among the ten most influential European gemstone dealers and 

serviced the greatest Parisian jewelers settled on Place Vendôme.

A recognized expert in his domain, René was appointed to perform the duties of President of the 

lapidary section of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition

Daniel, Isabelle's father

Educated as an engineer, Daniel embraced the jewellery industry upon marrying Denise, René’s beloved daughter. He joined his father-in-law’s business and fell in love with gemstones, so much so that he founded the Association française de gemmologie in 1961.

Having a strong spirit of adventure, Daniel voyaged numerous exploratory excursions all around the world.

Daniel succeeded his father-in-law in the presidency of the lapidary section of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition and was also head of the Ethics and Grievances Department at the International Coloured Gemstone Association spanning many valuable years.

Nowadays, he is still regarded as one of the elite coloured gemstone experts in the world.

Isabelle, her brothers and cousins

Today, after the adventure began a century ago, continues with Isabelle, her brothers and her cousins – eachfollowing their own paths of creativity. The original lapidary workshop located in the Jura Mountains is still run by some of Isabelle’s cousins. Love for magnificent gemstonesundoubtedly remains a family passion…