The Designer

Isabelle Langlois in a few words

Isabelle has always known she would become a jewellery designer.

Since childhood, she has been an avid drawer, sketching flowers, butterflies, coral branches, and especially jewels. It was quite early in life when she demonstrated her creative talent: as a young pupil at school, she drew and created her first jewel with crumpled metal and coloured gemstones. It was the start of a successful career…

Born out by her family tradition and sharing the passion for beautiful gemstones, Isabelle joined in 1982 a prestigious high-end jewellery workshop working hand in hand with the most renowned Maisons of Place Vendôme. Her sense of creativity became more acute and eventually led her to realize her dream.

The beauty of Charlemagne’s Imperial Crown set with exquisite stones and pearls, admired in 1991, inspired her first jewel model she sold under her own name.

This first success led Isabelle to found her own jewellery Maison. Cultivating a different approach to high-end jewellery, she stuck to a simple but ambitious principle: giving to coloured gemstones the prestige they deserve.

Today, Isabelle continues to design new collections remaining faithful to that guiding principle. Amidst the wide assortment of shades, sizes and shapes, Isabelle plays with over 70,000 gemstones to fashion her poetic creations.